What's included in the Company Hub package?

Here's what you get with every company registered through us:

  • Official Certificate of Incorporation, NZBN, and tax registration
    We take care of the basics and quickly issue a Certificate of Incorporation, NZBN (New Zealand Business Number), IRD number (which we'll need if you want to start trading straight away), and a GST too (if you wish to register for GST from the beginning)

  • Modern document package
    Tailored set of company records:
    • Certificate & company extract
    • Shares & shareholder register
    • Directors' register
    • Directors' interest register
    • Directors' certificates register
    • Address register
    • Constitution (if selected)
  • Access to your own dashboard
    Download a set of your documents any time, order a deluxe folder, and whenever there's a change to your company, simply record the change and your company documents will be instantly updated.

  • Deluxe folder (optional)
    For premium presentation (and some added bling), you have the option of having your company presented in our bespoke deluxe folder.

  • Check out the demo
    Click here to access a demo of the dashboard and download a sample document package