Check out the Company Hub package

Along with an efficient, simple registration process, Company Hub customers also receive a professional company records package and access to their own online dashboard. From the dashboard you can review important information, maintain your company details and keep your records up to date, and find useful resources.

We invite you try out a demo of the Company Hub dashboard, as well as download a sample company records package (for a fictitious company).

Try out a demo of the dashboard

Here are a few things to remember before you access the demo:

  • This is what you will have access to after you have registered a company with us
  • The demo we're creating for you now is for a fictitious company (Moonbeam Transport Limited)
  • There is full functionality inside the demo, so feel free to appoint/resign directors, transfer shares, update records, and inspect the company records that get generated.
  • This demo and any changes made to it get deleted after an hour, so feel free to make as many changes as you want

 Access the demo

Download a sample company records package

Every company registered receives a custom company records package, fully prepared with your details. The company records package contains a range of registers required under the Companies Act, as well as a convenient series of to conveniently store future documentation. Combined with the Company Hub dashboard, it's the best way to manage and maintain your company.

 Download sample company records package (PDF, 6.4mb)