What's the process from start to finish?

Registering a company through us is simple and straightforward. Our application form gives you guided help along the way, and you can always save your progress and return to it later if you need to gather more information.

  • Complete our registration form
    Here are some of the details you need before you get started:
    • Company name
    • Details of who the directors & shareholders will be (legal full names, residential addresses, date of birth, town/city of birth)
    • A description of what the company is being set up to do
  • Confirm your application and make payment
    Once you're happy with the details provided, you'll confirm everything is correct and make payment (either via credit card or internet banking).

  • Directors & shareholders give their consent
    Those involved with the company will electronically give their consent to being a director and/or shareholder (if those people aren't with you, you can email/SMS a link to them right from the website).

  • We'll assess the application, verify your details, and finalise the registration
    Leave the rest to us. We'll run some checks, make sure we have what we need, and everything is in order we'll lodge the application and confirm registration. If we spot any issues we'll be in touch with you directly, however the majority of applications go through with no problems at all.

  • Receive your Certificate, tax registration, document package, and access to dashboard
    As soon as the company is registered you'll receive an email from us with all the information you need. You'll also have immediate access to your dashboard. If you ordered a deluxe folder, we'll get that sorted too and send a separate email once it has been dispatched by courier.

  • Get down to business!
    You're now good to go and ready to start trading.