Why register your company with Company Hub?

Over 30,000 kiwis have incorporated their companies with our service, and here are some of the reasons why:

  • We make it simple and painless
    We've taken all the separate parts and bundled them into one easy step. With us there's no need to make a separate name reservation, or print off consent forms - you just need to complete the one application and our smart system takes care of the rest.

  • We're fast
    Our unique technology speeds up the process, which means we're able to register companies quicker than anyone else (our fastest has been nine minutes).

  • You get more than just a certificate
    If you've registered a company before and all you have is a certificate, then the company may not be meeting its obligations. The Companies Act sets out a range of different registers that must be prepared and maintained by every company, no matter its size. There can be fines of up to $10,000 if these documents are not properly kept. Get your company off to a great start with a document package that's elegant, professional, and easily updateable via your own online dashboard.

  • Deluxe folder
    For premium presentation (and some added bling), you have the option of having your company presented in our bespoke deluxe folder.

  • An experienced team to guide you
    We've been around for over twenty years and we're on hand to provide assistance with your registration.